The Stordalen Foundation, initiated by the couple Gunhild and Petter A. Stordalen, supports work aimed at solving health, environmental and climate challenges. It makes financial contributions and provides expertise, either directly or indirectly through the Corporate Responsibility platform in Home Invest and its subsidiaries. 

The Stordalen Foundation believes the world will not leap forward with philanthropy alone. However, The Stordalen Foundation might just provide the necessary nudges. The Stordalen Foundation does not accept applications without prior invitation.




The European Climate Foundation


The Stordalen Foundation, through Nordic Choice Hotels, supports the European Climate Foundation, as one of eight major controbutors. The ECF was founded in 2008 to promote climate and energy policies that greatly reduce Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and help Europe play an even stronger international leadership role in mitigating climate change. The organization has its own projects but also supports a number of climate organizations in Europe financially and strategically. Gunhild A. Stordalen has served on the supervisory board since 2010.




GreeNudge originated with the Stordalen Foundation. Its purpose is to initiate, finance and promote research projects that combine behavioral research and climate measures. GreeNudge works together with research institutions, organizations, and businesses to create new knowledge on cost-effective measures that incentivize climate-friendly behavior. Hopefully, these measures can be implemented on a larger scale and thereby reduce emissions significantly.

GreeNudge is led by its co-founder Gunhild A. Stordalen. Its operational council consists of a multidisciplinary team: climate researcher Steffen Kallbekken, Ph.D. (CICERO), consumer researcher Harald Throne-Holst, Ph.D. (SIFO), deputy director at ZERO, Marius Holm, and partner at the First House communications firm, Beate Nossum. 




The Zero Emissions Resource Organization (ZERO) works to delimit climate change caused by human activities and create solutions that help meet the growing demand for energy not harmful to the climate. ZERO assumes that in every sector of the economy there are technological alternatives that are emissions-free. It strives to promote these opportunities among policy makers and business people. Gunhild A. Stordalen has served on the board since 2008. She has been directly involved in the ZERO conference, Scandinavia’s biggest climate conference on green growth and emissions-free solutions. 


The Health and Security Perspectives of Climate Change

In cooperation with the ECF and the British Medical Association (BMA) the Stordalen Foundation contributed to the conference «The Health and Security Perspectives of climate change» in London, October 2011. The conference drew the attention of doctors, military leaders and key players from the security industry who came together to discuss climate change from the perspective of health and security.




In July 2012, 250 specially invited investors, business leaders, top academics and policymakers meet to discuss new and profitable solution to the climate, environmental and development issues of our time. The Stordalen Foundation and The Rothschild Foundation will co-host and sponsor as the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment at the University of Oxford holds the Re|Source 2012. Former US President Bill Clinton, filmmaker James Cameron and Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen as well as other influential speakers will address the conference.


Rainforest Foundation Norway


Rainforest Foundation Norway cooperates with indigenous peoples to save the rainforests of the Amazon, Asia and Africa. They work to observe and preserve forest areas, secure the rights of the indigenous peoples, influence national and international politics, and regulate business practices in order to stop the destruction of the rainforests. Nordic Choice Hotels has a comprehensive collaboration with the Rainforest Foundation. Petter A. Stordalen is an active ambassador for the cause. And for every hotel night booked, Nordic Choice Hotels channels the means to preserve 100 square meters of rainforest. In 2011, the company helped preserve 53 600 hectares of rainforest, thereby helping store 18.3 million tons CO2. 




Nordic Choice Hotels a Unicef sponsor. The Water for Life project has helped build water wells, improved water quality and sanitary conditions for school children in Malawi, Nepal, and Madagascar. I 2012, Nordic Choice and Unicef initiated a new three-year agreement: Free to Grow. This project will help more children grow up free from violence and violation of their rights.


The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance


The Stordalen couple has supported the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance over several years – both as project contributors and as spokespersons in the fight against fur farming in Norway. The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance works for the rights of animals and for animal protection in Norway. It bases its work on sound professional criteria.



The Stordalen Foundation also supports other initiatives that promote animal welfare such as the Blue Cross (animal welfare charity in the UK) and Dyrebeskyttelsen Kongsberg.


The Board

Gunhild A. Stordalen

MD/PhD, co-founder & chair of Stordalen Foundation and CEO of GreeNudge. Director of the board of Nordic Choice Hospitality Group, Ecohz, Zero and European Climate Foundation.

Gunhild A. Stordalen is a founding member and the chairman of the board of the Stordalen Foundation. She is also the executive chair on the council of the environmental organization GreeNudge. She is a medical doctor from the University of Oslo and holds a Ph.D. in pathology/orthopedics. 
Gunhild fully dedicates her time to climate and health issues. She has joined the Norwegian Medical Association's committee for human rights, climate change and global health. 

In addition to her work on the board of Home Invest and Nordic Choice Hotels as well as Ecohz (a Norwegian owned company that guarantees the origin of renewable energy), Gunhild plays an active role as a member on the board the Zero Emission Resource Organization (ZERO). She has helped build and shape the annual ZERO conference, which has grown into one of Scandinavia’s most influential climate conferences.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Sir Anthony Giddens and Connie Hedegaard have all given speeches at the conference. Gunhild has also founded and co-hosted several other conferences and forums.

Petter A. Stordalen

Owner and CEO of Home Invest. Chairman of the board of Nordic Choice Hotels and Home Properties, board member of Home Capital.

Petter A. Stordalen is the son of a merchant. He started out selling strawberries in the small town of Porsgrunn. Today he owns one of the biggest hotel chains in the Nordics. The company has over 170hotels, employs 10 000 people, control 11 well-established brands and boasted an annual revenue of 7.199 million NOK in 2011. 

The triple bottom line philosophy guides the Corporate Responsibility (CR) work at Nordic Choice Hotels; the financial, the environmental and the social statements should all go in the black. In 2007, the company became the world’s first smoke-free hotel chain. In 2008, every hotel was certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. 

The company also cooperates with the Rainforest Foundation Norway and helped preserve 53.600 hectars of tropical rainforest in 2012. The same year Nordic Choice Hotels opened Norway’s first hotel to achieve the highest energy efficiency ranking available.
Nordic Choice Hotels has won the Grand Travel Award for Best Work Place four years in a row. 


Henrik Christensen

Board Member

Henrik A. Christensen holds a cand. jur. degree (1989) from the University of Oslo. He has been a law firm partner at Ro Sommernes since 2004. Christensen handles property law, bankruptcy and debt settlements, mergers and acquisitions as well as law involving securities and stocks. In addition he serves on the boards of companies owned by Petter A. Stordalen as well as other businesses.

Sune Nordgren

Board Member

Sune Nordgren, former artist and illustrator, is now one of Scandinavia’s best-known curators of modern art. He was the founding director of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway (2003-2006) and the founding director of BALTIC, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, England (1998-2003).





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